My hope and enthusiasm for working on the house has been renewed. The past couple of days have left me feeling pretty discouraged and frustrated at not being able to find furniture with the necessary permissions, and I haven’t wanted to build much myself because it takes away most of the fun. (I’m starting to get tired of the coffee table I made, already. And its nearly a duplicate of one I saw in a store. But because I made it, I don’t like it as much- go figure.)

Anyway, I got to thinking, and realized it would be easier and more effective to simply contract someone (or someone’s) to do some custom work for me. Even if I have to place a classified ad, which I wouldn’t mind doing. But Second Life is full of highly talented people who want to make some money in world. What I’ll probably do is ask that they send me some snapshot samples of their work, and if I find some designers that I really like, I may arrange to meet with them to see some items rezzed in world first. This is actually probably better than buying things pre-made, because this way I can have them customed designed more to my taste, and have more control over small tweaks and changes that I may want to have made. I feel a whole lot better about this now. 🙂

I have also been inspired by a couple of blog posts, to begin a project of my own. More details on that and possibly some pictures as things progress.

Now I’m excited to get home from work- I want to go buy my kitty and then start working on my project. 🙂


~ by Nika Dreamscape on July 3, 2008.

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