This was sort of an up and down day, but it ended on a wonderful note. 🙂

When I logged on this morning, I had an IM from that landlord saying that he made a mistake, and the rental prices he quoted me were daily, not weekly. That was unfortunately a deal breaker for me, cause there’s no way I could swing $125L a day for rent. I TP’d my friend Quaintly in, cause she was still interested in seeing the land. ( We talked about it for a bit and decided that if the guy would adjust his prices to a reasonable weekly rate, he might be able to get some tenants. Because its a really nice area. I talked to him later on, and he was offering to let me rent the 4096 lot at 125L/week cause he felt bad for the misunderstanding, but I’m not going to do that. I had originally asked him about possibly renting a 1024 at $200L/week, and he ended up asking me if I’d help him come up with better figures for his rates, and he’d give me a month for free. I’m happy to do it for him, cause he’s a nice guy and I don’t mind helping him out. I was back and forth all day with this decision. Do I rent the 1024 lot and buy that smaller prefab.. or do I go back to plan A, which was to save up for the huge mansion and just rez it here and there for short amounts of time when I want to decorate, until I can SOMEDAY get real land.

Keeme came on later in the evening, and I took him over to Ace’s to see the smaller Firan home. But I felt kind of gloomy when I looked at it again. I REALLY had my heart set on the big mansion. I asked him, “What would you do? Get the dream house and only rez it when and where you can for short amounts of time.. or do the ‘right thing’, and get the small house on rented land.” He asked me how much more I need to get the big house.. then dropped me several hundred linden and said, ‘Buy it.’ 🙂 I was so excited and happy! I bought the mansion (Cabri), and opened up the map and started randomly clicking around til I found an empty sim so we could go over and take a look at it. (Disclaimer- I carefully checked the land details first to make sure the area was big enough to accomodate the house for a SHORT period of time, and that there were more than enough prims open so I wouldn’t mess anything up. And I’m not about to hide or leave this house anywhere, I have a rezzhud for this so we can quickly and easily pick up after ourselves.)

Keeme rezzed us a builders platform way up in the sky, and right before we rezzed the house, I fortunately had the idea to film the ‘unveiling’. I’m so glad I did, I liked that I got to capture the moment and my enthusiasm. 🙂 My computer records weird for some reason, so it only picked up my voice and not Keeme’s. So I’m afraid this is a one sided conversation.. but you can still see the house I’ve been saving up money for days to buy. Here it is!


~ by Nika Dreamscape on June 20, 2008.

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  1. Wow, you got your dream house! Yay! Congratulations, Nika!

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