After my last post, I looked around at the houses already on the available land. Turns out, there were only 3 or 4 different styles.. and while they’re gorgeous on the outside, they have the same problem that most pre-fabs I’ve seen do. They’re built sort of like studios.. as in, only one huge room on each floor.  I hate that! I like a lot of space, but having seperate rooms is also very important. Especially since I love decorating, and I plan on collecting art. I need lots and lots of wall space. So I went out househunting again, to find a reasonable pre-fab. For the past week or so, I’ve been trying to save up enough money to get what I’ve been calling my ‘dream house’. The thing is massive. It requires a 4096 lot, has 3 floors, about 7 or 8 rooms, 4 decks/patios, and an indoor pool. I absolutely love it, but its been killing me to try and earn enough money to buy the thing.. and where on earth would I put it? Now this guy renting the land actually offered me a 4096 lot with 350 prims available for only $125L a week. I thought long and hard about that. But as much as I love that house, it would be a nightmare to try and furnish something that size. I do still want to get it someday.. but for now, I was thinking I should maybe get something a bit smaller. Something I could put on a smaller lot, that has less prims.. so I could have more prims available to decorate. And something I could buy right away. So I went out to go househunting, looking at all my favorite pre-fab spots that I saved the landmarks to months ago. I ended up at Ace’s, where the house I’ve really been wanting is at. They have homes of all sizes though, so I spent quite a bit of time perusing. I even ran into fellow blogger and plurk-buddy there- Marx Dudek. That was pretty cool- we ended up browing some houses together. It was fun, and great to meet her. 🙂 In the end, I narrowed my choices down to 4 smaller houses. From there, I finally settled on the house I’m going to buy- Firan.

Its a 2 level, 6 room house with a partial wrap around deck. It also has a neat little entryway leading into the house on the first floor. This one is only 42 prims, requires a 1024 lot, and costs only $750L. There are a couple of cons to the house.. I’m not crazy about the texture of the walls, and it has a ramp for stairs rather than steps. But it makes up for it with the multiple rooms and lots of wall space. Plus I love the modern style. If nothing else, its a good starter home.

Now here’s the decision I’m faced with. There are multiple empty lots available on this mainland sim I’m looking at. I have two options when it comes to the type of lot I can pick. One option is to get something in the middle.. that means I would have neighbors on all sides of me, and it overlooks a common area. That means a little bit less privacy, but the view is really pretty.

(Grass!! I’m still in love with all that green grass!)

My other option is to get something on the very edge of the sim. Right now, that would mean that I’d either be overlooking mountains or ocean, depending on what side of the sim I picked.

For now, its a pretty nice view. This IS mainland, so there are a few of those hovering FOR SALE beacons here and there, but nothing like I’ve seen in most places. Normally, it would be an easy choice to pick one of the lots at the edge with the better view. However, since its mainland I’m dealing with, that view probably won’t last for long before I’d be looking at banners or god knows what else. I’m thinking I’d probably be better off getting one of the center lots with the pretty houses on all sides.

Either way, for the price I’m going to be paying, I think I’m getting a great deal. 🙂 I really can’t afford to buy land right now. I’m not looking to spend any real money in Second Life at this point in time.. so any rent or money I spend in world has to be EARNED in world. I think I can swing a little over a hundred a week.

And by the way.. if anyone else out there is interested in renting here.. I’ll have info for you soon! Once I get my spot rented, I’ll post the slurl and landlords name. He’s really nice, I’ve sort of known him for a few months now and I feel comfortable renting from him. Like I said, I’m going to be the very first renter, so there are lots of spots to pick from. I believe he quoted me the price of $75L/week and 250 prims for the houses, and get this.. $35L a week and 100-something prims for one level of a 2 story apartment. I think the apartments are the pretty blue and white houses across from the first lot picture I posted. It has a seperate entrance on both floors, and each floor has 2 big rooms and a huge wrap around deck or patio. They’re actually really pretty, I considered asking him if I could rent both levels as its own house.. but I decided I didn’t want to go outside to go upstairs. Anyway.. more information coming soon.



~ by Nika Dreamscape on June 19, 2008.

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