I think it takes a special kind of luck to be ‘evicted’ from your fake home in a virtual world. But I’ve managed to have that happen to me not once, not twice. No, keep going. Not three times, either. But FOUR times, now. (Hey, I didn’t say it was good luck now, did I?) 😉

I say this all tongue in cheek, of course. I think its funny how after over five months in SL, I’ve still managed to maintain my ‘hobo’ status. This all started shortly after I came to SL, when a very generous land owner was giving away free parcels and homes on his land. I took him up on the offer and over a span of a couple of months, was shuffled between three different sims before eventually his partner sold the land while he was at work, leaving all the residents effectively homeless. I really wasn’t bothered by this, of course. I thought it was pretty funny, and that was when Keeme dubbed me ‘Hobo’. I guess I ended up taking that nickname and running with it, because every since then I’ve been collecting an assortment of locations where I’ve taken up residence as a ‘squatter’. There are a few, but the main one that I used the most often was Craps airship on Podcast Island. However, today I saw this post on his blog ( http://firstlife.isfullofcrap.com/2008/06/tear_the_radio_towers_down.html )

Looks like once again, I’ve been ‘evicted’ from one of my haunts. I guess that means I need to find another place to claim as my own..

Heh heh. Just kidding. I’ve threatened for awhile that I’d take up residence beneath Chug and Radars back porch, but I actually managed to pick a spot on the island that I like even better. And I’m pretty sure this one isn’t going anywhere. 🙂 Not saying where it is- we’ll see if someone eventually find me there.

Speaking of Podcast Island, I’ve been a little bit troubled lately at how rapidly its becoming deserted. In the past, it seemed to be rare for more than a few days to go by without some change happening on the island. Usually it was a new build, a new tenant, a change to an existing building. But I’m afraid that for the past week or so, the opposite has been happening. I remember not long ago, there was only one or two vacant lots between both islands. Now it seems like each day, I see more and more empty lots and for sale signs stretched from one end of the island to the other.

I hope things pick up, soon. I’d really hate to see the island die off. (Then I’d be looking for ANOTHER new ‘home’.)


~ by Nika Dreamscape on June 7, 2008.

2 Responses to “Drifter”

  1. Nika?! you put up a tent under our deck? I LOVE CAMPING! Can I sleep in the tent? I think I even have a sleeping bag.

  2. *shrug* rental-based islands go through cycles. If there’s a core community and there’s activities or discussions that draw in visitors and things like that, it’ll do fine.

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