From This To That Ep. 5 sucks!

Thats been my current hosting site for the podcast up until now, and its been alright for the most part. Sometimes its very slow, but at least its been available. Until now. I was trying to upload the latest episode of From This To That since yesterday afternoon and kept getting an ‘audio save error’. My problem is not that the site has been screwy, I know glitches like that happen. I would have been perfectly content to just sit back and wait for them to fix it, except that when I checked the support forums, I saw that this issue has been ongoing for the past 5 days. For nearly a week people were posting on the help forums and sending emails to support, begging for at least -some- acknowledgement that the issue was being looked into. I sent an email to support as well, which also has gone ignored. Oh well- I had been thinking of moving to Libsyn, and that was the final nudge to get me moving in that direction.

The upload finally did work, so I went ahead and published episode 5. But after this, the new link will be

All 5 episodes are over there now, although I have not submitted it to iTunes just yet. I’ll do that in a day or so, after I get some things figured out. (Aka.. Radar, help meee!)

In the meantime, you can get the episode from either site, or on iTunes if you’re already subscribed.

Episode 5- How I got into local music promotion/journalism, Star Trek Experience at the Hilton is closing, an encounter with a Klingon, feedback, a promo from 118 Migration, and a fitness update. Music by T.O.W.


~ by Nika Dreamscape on June 3, 2008.

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