Got Footage?

Today was the April bloggers party, hosted this month by Tymmerie Thorne. Talk about a lot of fun! She organized the party with a camping theme in mind, and even provided the bonfire and marshmallows.

She also provided a chocolate wrestling pit, which plenty of people took advantage of. As per the rules, the loser of each fight is supposed to post something about the winner. GoSpeed Racer challenged me to a match.. and proceeded to whoop my ass! Good fight, GoSpeed. 😉 Rather than take pictures this time around, I went one better and did video.. including footage of all the matches.

Tymmerie Thorne vs. Willow Caldera
GoSpeed Racer vs. Nika Dreamscape
Crap Mariner vs. Vint Falken
Kyrinnia Desmoulins vs. Takeshi Kiama
Takeshi Kiama vs. Rosie Barthelmess

Thank you Tymmerie, for a great party!


~ by Nika Dreamscape on April 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “Got Footage?”

  1. Me won! Me won! Me won! The party was fun. Neat to ‘see it again’ too. Yeey! =)))

  2. […] photographs in my SL Bloggers meeting at Tymmerie Thorne’s flickr fotoset, machinima by Niki Dreamscape, a write up by mister ArminasX and I’m sure there are more to come. See you next […]

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