Diamonds and Rust Episode 6

Episode 6 of Diamonds and Rust is available for download!

For show notes and associated pictures, slurls, etc:

Now on to other things. I’ve been hearing people mention the cruise ship SS Galaxy for some time now. GoSpeed Racer posted some pictures and a summary in her blog awhile back, and I made a mental note to go take a look, but never quite made it. This morning I listened to episode 43 of Podmafia podcast, and they talked about it as well. So finally, I decided to head over there and see for myself. I had no idea of the sheer magnitude of this place. It surpassed any and all expectations I had. I’ve been on a cruise in real life before, Carnival Pride. Whoever designed the SS Galaxy did an extraordinary job. I don’t think they missed hardly anything.. in fact, this ship had more things to do and see that Pride did. The only thing it was missing was a casino. Yes, I know casinos were banned in SL.. but they could have put in a slingo area (shush, Keeme) and it would draw quite a few visitors. There was a surprisingly small number of people when I was there. I did see a handful, but it would be neat to see it a lot more active. Maybe one day.

A Machinima artist I am not, but I did create a video from my explorations. I spent at least three hours there today, if not four. And still, I think there were a few areas I didn’t quite find. I would post a slurl, but SL is doing their maintenance right now and I don’t want to risk trying to TP around. Just do a search for SS Galaxy and you’ll find it. Below the video I posted links to GoSpeed’s blog and the Podmafia episode where they talked about it.

GoSpeed Racer:

Podmafia Episode 43:


~ by Nika Dreamscape on April 15, 2008.

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