Mini movies

I’ve been using the trial version of Fraps for a month or so now, and I’m still really enjoying it. It sucks that it only films in 30 second increments, although its nice that you can splice them together. I AM tempted to shell out the $37 and buy the full version, but the only thing thats stopping me is that I’m not happy with the quality once you move the file to Youtube. I think for now I’m going to wait and see if they will either find a way to improve, or something better comes along. In the meantime, I want to start recording more in Second Life, including things in voice chat which will hopefully also help me get over my hesitation to use the mic. The problem I’m faced with right now is that for some reason, Fraps is picking up other people on voice but not myself. Even when I can clearly see the green mic levels over my head, its not coming through on the video. I feel like there has got to be a simple solution for this.. if anyone out there can tell me what setting to adjust, I’d LOVE it. For now, here’s a short video of Keeme and I after he found out what I did to his helicopter. 🙂


~ by Nika Dreamscape on April 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Mini movies”

  1. Nika… the youtube thing is not from fraps. check out the quality of my vids on and then check out my youtube ones (see my blog for the llama ones). that’s because youtube does a flash conversion and it is not high quality.

    you might give a try.

  2. Well if its Youtube effecting the quality of the Fraps movies, then there still is no sense in paying for the full version of Fraps or any other software.

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