Still down?

From what I’m gathering from the blogs on my google reader, as of 11am SLT today, SL is still down or at least experiencing problems. I was at a Vienna James concert last night around 7pm when I crashed.. I have been able to get on intermittently since then.. although not without difficulty. I did get back online last night a little after 8pm and stuck around for an hour until I had to get to bed. I managed to get on this morning before work to clear IM’s/group messages. (I noticed I only had 2 waiting for me, as opposed to closer to 15-20 like I usually do.) I noticed when I logged on this morning that the Second Life blog said they were back up, yet my client said the grid was offline. I was able to connect after about 5 minutes, but a lot of things were messed up. (Friends list, inventory, edit appearance, etc.) When I checked the website before I left, I saw they posted that the grid was offline for maintence. I’m reading on some blogs that its still down as of late morning.

I think this is the first time since I came to Second Life back in December that I’ve seen issues lasting more than an hour. Usually if the grid is down, its up within minutes. The longest I’ve ever had a problem was just over an hour. I wonder if this has anything at all to do with the new client update that they required us to download? At least I’m working today, so I personally am not impacted too terribly by the downtime. Although I’m sorry for those that are locked out, so to speak. I also feel bad for all the musicians who were scheduled to perform at the new Sim opening today. I think Rich DeSoto was affected by that, among many others.

I hope by the time I get home tonight, things will be resolved. Hopefully, things will stabalize much more quickly than that.


A side note.. speaking of changes and updates.. This new WordPress format SUCKS!!! Its so ugly and a pain in the ass. What were they thinking? I’m more annoyed by that than the SL issues- lol.


~ by Nika Dreamscape on April 5, 2008.

One Response to “Still down?”

  1. rules!!! 😛

    I tried using but they don’t give you the right to fully customise your template… I couldn’t change my fonts or font size and that annoyed me so much, I went back to trusty ol’ blogger. I’ve been blogging since June 2002 (personal RL blog) — started off on and then after a year, moved to my own domain name. I’ve tried most of the free services and I still like the best 😉

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