Art Exhibition/Episode 4

Wow, what a busy day! And happy Easter, everyone.

 I got up early this morning and managed to catch up with Keeme, so we got Episode 4 of Diamonds and Rust recorded and its posted and available now.

The direct link to the show for downloads is: and our website for links and shownotes is

Also, here is the information for my art exhibition.

Where: S&S Gallery of Fine Arts

When: Monday, March 24th from 7pm-8pm SLT

  The slurl for that is:

The art that will be featured in the exhibition is all new and will not be available for viewing until the exhibition starts tomorrow at 7pm, so if you go there early you’ll see my work still up from my March series. I’ll be putting up the April series shortly before the exhibition starts, and will be giving away City Waking as a complimentary gift during the exhibition. My new art will be available in the gallery through April.

City Waking 

Please feel free to stop by and say hello. 🙂


~ by Nika Dreamscape on March 23, 2008.

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