Episode 3/Keeme’s Revenge

What a busy night! I got home from work to find episode 3 of Diamonds and Rust was released during the day. That meant I had some show notes to do. But first I had to load up my Shuffle with podcasts to listen to at work tomorrow. Meanwhile, I got an IM from GoSpeed Racer inviting me over to listen to her DJing for Kona Radio for a bit.. Rich DeSoto was streaming a show from a coffee shop in (Ohio? I forget) to Los Arboles with his band.. Stuart mentioned a live Podmafia show happening in Talkshoe later in the evening.. and I still had dinner to make and show notes to do! I managed to get to most of it, if even for a little bit. Anyway, you can find episode 3 of Diamonds and Rust at


For pictures, links, slurls and further show notes, visit our blog at http://darpodcast.wordpress.com/

And speaking of pictures, here are a couple I’ve been meaning to post.

One down.. Keeme managed to snag Arri up in his cage the other night. (Maybe I shouldn’t have taught him how to use the thing. Sorry, Arri!)

While at Tuna Oddfellows Odd Ball last week, I was taking a series of rapid pictures of all the various background and managed to get this really cool shot. I love the ‘disco’ lights in the background.

 Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the podcast. We’re having a lot of fun making it. 🙂


~ by Nika Dreamscape on March 15, 2008.

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