Light Fragmented FtW

This morning when I logged on, I had such a cool surprise. I heard back from Sarah Hollwood about the photo contest I entered a week ago.. that was the one where we had to take a photo anywhere on the land, and I came up with “Light Fragmented.” She said I had won the contest- I was so flattered and excited by that. It made me feel really good, since I had worked so hard on that piece.

The prize was my choice of any item out of their shop, so I spent some time browsing around. I ended up picking out this skirt, belt and tube top outfit.

The outfit is called Fish Bones Fossil Set.

The only bad part is that the skirt and belt are about 3 sizes too big for me.. I already stretched it down as small as it could go, but it still has that ‘hoola hoop’ look to it. Its a shame because I really love the outfit, I think its really cute. I really don’t understand why clothing designers don’t have demos available for people to try things on, like you can do with skin, shapes and clothing. I know every once in awhile you might come across a demo for clothing, but it seems rare overall. There have been a few outfits I’ve bought and found out I didn’t quite like the color with my hair, or a certain way the prims might move when I’m walking or dancing. I don’ t know why demos for clothing aren’t as common as they are for skin and hair, but I’m hoping someday that will change.

 Anyway, Sarah said she may try to rebuild the skirt and send me a new one.. which is completely unnecessary! Its enough that I won, and she was very generous for having that contest. I still love the skirt, even if it is a little big. They have a lot of good items in their store.. lots of neko gear, skirts, boots, tattoos, etc. So pay them a visit!


~ by Nika Dreamscape on February 20, 2008.

One Response to “Light Fragmented FtW”

  1. Way ta go!, Nika… Congratulations!

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