Light Fragmented

As I was browsing through the events list a couple of days ago, I saw that someone was having a photo contest at their sim. The only rule was that the picture be taken anywhere on their land, and to drop the snapshot onto the contest board with full permissions. I think the prize is an item from their shop. I haven’t entered any contests yet.. although one of the art gallery groups I joined will be having one coming up soon that I plan to enter. Anyway, I thought this might be interesting so I TP’d myself over to their sim to take a look around. Actually, its not a whole sim.. it was an area of land surrounding their shops. It all looked really nice, the way they had it set up reminded me a little of Straylight/Botanical. Lots of moss covered rocks, streams and waterfalls, huge trees.. and best of all, those shafts of sunlight that filter down through the branches of the trees. I saw that effect for the first time at Straylight the other day, and thought it was really cool. The problem was, the area of land where I’d be shooting was fairly small. And they had sectioned themselves off from the rest of the sim by setting up what was essentially 4 walls with a forest-setting texture. Up close, it looked great. You couldn’t even tell. But this was going to make it really difficult for me to do any photography since I had to make sure to keep zoomed in enough to not catch the top of the walls. That also eliminated any access to working with the sky in the picture. Another problem was that it was very hard to find an angle that didn’t have a shop sign anywhere in it. I actually enjoyed just how challenging this was. I spent quite a bit of time wandering around and figuring out the best angles, as well as what would be the focus of my picture. Of in a corner I found an interesting looking tree, with a shaft of light filtering down and a rainbow. It looked pretty cool, but I could tell by how dark it was that the photo was going to be very difficult to work with. I was in Windlight, so I toyed with the settings and adjusted the atmosphere colors to try and make the sunbeam pop a bit, as well as brighten up the tree. I came up with this ‘before’ picture..

I still managed to catch the top of the wall in the upper right hand corner of the photo, but it wasn’t blaringly obvious that thats what it was. The shaft of sunlight still looked pretty dark in this photo, but I hoped I could bring the light out more once I got it into Gimp. It still proved to be extremely difficult. This was the most challenging piece I’ve worked with before.. but it was so much fun. I spent a lot of time adding effects, adjusting the contrast, adding and taking away various blur filters. In the end, I wound up making it more of an abstract piece. I’m still quite happy with how it came out, as I have a lot of appreciation for abstract art. I think it looks interesting, and I like the colors. I don’t know that it’ll win any contests, but it was a lot of fun just trying to figure out what to do with it.

I added one to my shop. Whats interesting to me is that it looks best up close. Most art is better viewed by standing back a bit. All of my art is pretty large when I put it up in my shop, and I always stand back quite a ways to look at it. This one is better when you stand right up close to it. Its not my favorite, but I think I had the most fun working with it.


~ by Nika Dreamscape on February 12, 2008.

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  1. You’r blog seems very cool!
    Really sorry to have disapear like this ; It’s not my style. I had a big big problem of connection and i don’t remember your last name!
    Myster Welles

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