“Jenga meets Hotwheels!”

When Linden Labs introduced Havoc4 (?) into SL, Stuart Warf began staging a series of demolition/explosions made from towers of prims he’s been building. I hadn’t gone to any of these explosions before because they usually happen when I’m at work. But since I’m on vacation right now, I happened to be on when Crap Mariner sent out the call that Stuart was about to do another prim collapse over on BlaksleeWorld. I still don’t really ‘get’ all the hype, so I thought it would be fun to go hang out and watch a tower of giant wooden blocks fall all over the place. Unfortuantely, the stability of Second Life had other ideas..

At first, all seemed to go according to plan. I saw some of the prim blocks tremble, and then begin to topple down from the tower. In slow motion. Very. Slow. Motion. In fact, after a few seconds.. there was no motion at all. The picture you’re looking at may as well have been on video, it would look about the same. The prims started to fall and then ended up suspended in the air like peas dropped into a jar of honey. We stood around gawking at it for a few minutes, while Crap was recording. When it seemed like nothing else was going to happen, he ducked away and came back with a flying car in an attempt to smash the building down.

Again, nothing. A couple more blocks tumbled to the ground, but ultimately Crap and his car just bounced off the building. Stuart grabbed a car of his own and tried to assist..

Again, nothing. It became a challenge. It was us against the tower. Time to bring out the big guns.

Still, no good? When in doubt.. bring out the nuclear warheads.

The rocket flew up into the air and came back down in the middle of the stubborn prim structure. But when the smoke cleared..

Well.. at least it was entertaining to watch Stuart and Crap try their hardest to knock down the tower of prims. In the end, it was discovered that simple sitting on a teetering prim block would cause it to fall. And like somebody mentioned.. at least we had plenty of places to sit!


~ by Nika Dreamscape on February 7, 2008.

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