Resale.. is it fair?

I think this is going to be one of the rare times I make a post without including any pictures. I wasn’t planning on blogging anything tonight, but there’s something thats been bugging me a bit for awhile now. I’ve had it brewing in the back of my mind to write about one of these days- but I just encountered this situation once again, while shopping. So while this is fresh on my mind, I think I’ll bring this up right now.

 I haven’t been on Second Life for a very long time. And like most newbies, I spent the first couple of weeks hitting up mostly the freebie shops. I’m really into the whole shopping and fashion scene, so I have a tendancy to recognize an outfit if I see it again. Especially (obviously) if its an outfit I already own. Now, I know perfectly well what clothing I’ve picked up for free along the way. In a lot of cases, I even remember where I got it from.

So here’s whats bothering me. Why am I seeing a lot of the exact same outfits being sold in people’s shops for $40L onward up to $125L? Now granted, I’m new here.. but doesn’t this strike anyone else as a bit dishonest? And I think I’m being fair when I say that. Of course, I may not know the situation. Maybe the freebie clothing is put out by the same designers who are selling it in their shops. Maybe they figure that people who can afford to pay premium prices for clothing aren’t hurt by paying a bit of money for a dress or a pair of jeans that I’ve gotten over at Free Dove or Gamers Beach, or any of those other shops. And thats fair- I really don’t have a problem with that. People brand new to Second Life probably aren’t going to wander into those clothing stores anytime soon anyway. Maybe that blouse thats free in a newbie area is a gift, of sorts. I’m hoping thats the case.

I hope its not that people are picking up clothing from the free areas and reselling them in their own stores. Maybe they are and thats considered perfectly acceptable since it was free to begin with. But I feel like if I was a clothing designer and I made something out of the kindness of my heart to give out to new people.. I think I’d be offended if someone took it without my knowledge and sold it for their own profit.

So whats the deal with that? Are designers putting select items from their store inventory out to the newbies.. or are they being ripped off?


~ by Nika Dreamscape on February 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “Resale.. is it fair?”

  1. unfortunately there are dishonest people in sl, just like in rl. too many give in to the temptation to sell freebie items. its dishonest and disgusting behavior imnsho

  2. I’ve seen the same thing. I once bought a dress for 39L that I saw being sold elsewhere for 65L (and possibly was free in the first place). While the designers might feel offended, I felt cheated too!

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