Happy Rezday, Rocky Torok!

In celebration of Rocky’s rezday, Jane2 McMahon spent the better part of this week arranging a surprise party for him at the Podcast Pickle stage on Podcaster Island. With the help of many of Rocky’s friends, the stage was decorated into a Halloween-esque theme. It seems Rocky is a fan of the strange and macabre. As far as Rocky knew, he was to be DJing his own party elsewhere.. at 8pm, Jane sent him a TP to Podcaster Island for his surprise.. I don’t think he ever saw it coming. 🙂 After falling into a headlong faint into the fountain of blood, he expressed his heartfelt thanks and the party kicked off with Smittyguy Torok hosting as DJ of the event. It was a great turnout, and a lot of fun seeing so many people. Hope you had a great Rezday, Rocky!

More pictures behind the cut.


~ by Nika Dreamscape on February 1, 2008.

One Response to “Happy Rezday, Rocky Torok!”

  1. Thanks to everyone who surprised the heck out of me! It was a blast!

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