Bad hair day

Has anyone else had a lot of trouble with SL today? Its been a lot worse than the typical lag or TP timeouts.. in fact, most of SL has been almost unusable for pretty much the entire day, at least for me. Its been taking me about 10-15 minutes and a half dozen attempts to teleport anywhere, and I can’t seem to keep my hair attached. I really should have worked on trying to set a Slurl at my shop earlier today when the grid was mostly working. I’m not even going to attempt it right now- it took me about 5 tries at logging on and off to get where I’m at currently. I still never did ask anyone how to set the Slurl up, but with any luck I can take a stab at it tomorrow if everything is working right. (I haven’t even been able to get to the website several times throughout the day.)

 Following the list of landmarks Chugabug gave me awhile back, I ended up on a beautiful Tokyo sim earlier. I wish I had taken pictures at the time, but I’ll definitely have to go back there soon and snap some photos. Speaking of pictures- I did put another piece of art up in my shop earlier today. I’m steadily approaching my prim limit, its amazing how fast 20 prims can go.

 Last weekend Maximillion Kleene played a show at the Lonely Yak club, and completely maxed out the sim. I think there were 100 people by the time things started going south. And by south, I mean down… literally. The Lonely Yak protested the abundance of people crammed inside by making its floor phantom, somehow. Anyone who wasn’t attached to a danceball or sitting somewhere ended up underneath the bar- it was pretty funny. (Unless you were one of the people stuck down there- then it was frustrating!) Thanks to Joyous, I was able to work around it by using the camera controls to get through the floor, and put myself into a booth then made sure not to move for the rest of the performance. Good times.



~ by Nika Dreamscape on January 30, 2008.

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