New blog, new shop

Today was pretty busy for me- I spent a lot of the morning getting this blog set up the way I like it. I’m really happy with how it came out- I still want to add a few things here and there, but overall I think I finally got it together. I posted a link over on my LJ directing people who have been reading that one to bookmark this instead.. or switch the link on their blog roll if they have me added. I’ve been checking out a LOT of cool blogs out there, I really need to start commenting to some of them. Already I have a few I need to add to my own blog roll pretty soon.

 After I finished messing around with the blog, I had even more work to do in SL. I’ve been looking around for the past couple of days for shop space to rent, and I think I finally found a place. I had intended to post a picture and talk about it more in this entry, but I really want to include a SLurl. I’m going to have to grab someone who might be able to help me out with that.. (Someone other than Radar- I’m starting to feel guilty for all the questions and favors I’ve been asking of him this weekend.) Not sure if I can direct the slurl location to my shopfront, or if it’ll just send them to the general landing point on the sim. Besides, I have this big empty shop with only a few pieces of art up so far, and a few rugs. It would be nice to get a few more things in there before I go posting any pictures when it looks this barren. I also put up a poster with link to this blog, after Radar showed me how to add the script to it. I ran into Arri and he checked the shop out as I set it up, so he got a little preview. I was showing him the Lost Gardens of Apollo a little bit earlier.. thats my favorite place in SL so far.

Which reminds me.. I went there a week or so ago, and saw something I had never come across before.. angel avatars, or enough bling to crash a sim?

I’m pretty sure they were some sort of angel avatars.. I could sort of see shimmery wings behind them. It was really pretty.. but before I could ask them anything, the whole sim crashed. I never saw anything like that before, or since then.

Ah well- I suppose I should get some sleep. Tomorrow, I have a shop to fill up.


~ by Nika Dreamscape on January 29, 2008.

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