I finally got around to checking out the SL version of Slingo- Zyngo. I’ve been a HUGE Slingo fan pretty much since AOL introduced the game several years ago.. but I’ve never quite been able to get my fix since I hate AOL. I have in the past paid for an AOL account for the sole purpose of playing the multi-player slingo. Yeah, I know there are freeware versions floating around out there, but it just isn’t as much fun playing solo as it is competing against other people. I guess you could call it my guilty pleasure, since I love slot machines, and I love bingo. 

I noticed they had “Slingo’ here on SL pretty much since the day I joined.. but I hadn’t gotten a chance to experiment with any games yet. I finally got around to it the other night.. after doing a lot of scouting, I found a place where I can more or less play for free. ($1 games but $1/10 camping so it balances out pretty well.) Plus, they have a scoreboard that pays out every week.. I think top score gets $250L, and 5th place gets $50L. Something like that.. either way, not bad considering I’d play regardless. Who knows, maybe I’ll actually win some money. I just played a couple games a little bit ago. The scoreboard reset today, so most of the scores are pretty low- but I managed to snag 1st place. At least, for now.. I imagine I’ll be bumped way down the list by the end of the night. But if I’m lucky, I’ll manage to stay at least in 5th place for the week. I snapped a picture since I’ll probably never see myself that high on the scoreboard again.

I also noticed they have some reasonable rent on shop space at the boardwalk shops surrounding the slingo area. I’m really hoping to rent some shop space very soon so I can start selling my art.. I do have a free spot in the shops near where my house is, but those shops cater to the sci-fi/fantasy and dragon avatar related merchandise. I want to keep that spot there- I did manage to make one sale so far. But I’d like to find a decent shop in a high traffic area where people might be selling more mainstream items like funiture or clothing. I have a LOT of ideas kicking around in the back of my head as far as art and projects I want to work on. Too bad most of my motivation comes when I’m at work. By the time I get home I’m too tired, and on the weekends I’m usually busy or distracted. Still, my plan for this weekend is to do some scouting around and start making a list of possible places where I can rent. I’m looking to spend around $100/week.. I can’t really afford more than that- I’ll be hard pressed even to make that rent. At least, until I start making more sales to offset the cost. I assume I can rent shop space when I’m on a basic account. I do plan to upgrade to premium at some point.. but I’m not ready yet. I want to have a much better understanding about building or owning land before I shell out any real money. 

The shop space by the slingo area I’ve been playing at has several options, but the one I noted was $100/week for 20 prims. I know 20 prims is probably really low for most people.. but considering my items are only 1-2 prims each, its a good start. Of course, that was the first place I checked out.. I plan to do a lot of scouting around this weekend, so maybe I can find a better deal somewhere else. However, I’d rather pay $100 for 20 prims in an area that packs in that much traffic, than pay the same for more prims, but in exchange for a remote store location. Too many times have I go to shopping regions and not seen another person anywhere on the sim. 

Ah well, I’ll have to see what I find. For now.. I’m just trying to get into SL with my hair intact so I can watch a concert.


~ by Nika Dreamscape on January 27, 2008.

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