My posts are beginning to fall out of order again, but I wanted to write about something that happened a few nights ago. I was wandering around on podcaster island, and Chugabug was nearby. She called me over to show me something that she said she hadn’t shown anyone in awhile. It was something called a Paradise Blanket, and she said that it works sort of like a portable skybox. It has several ‘destinations’ programmed into the blanket. It allows you and a small group to all sit on the blanket and then elevates you into a skybox setting of your choice. She hadn’t used it in awhile and it was lacking a few updates. But between her and Radar, they got it working again. No matter how cool I thought it sounded by their description, I was really impressed to actually see it. We played around with that thing for probably an hour or two. 

This picture was from my favorite of the ones she showed to me. It sets you down on a small campsite, with a fire burning and a little tent set up nearby. Across from the tent and the fire is this gorgeous waterfall. I forced my sun to midnight, and it made even more beautiful than it already was. The fire was glowing and popping up sparks, and the water was luminescent. I’ve always had a weak spot for nature related settings, and anytime I find a cave or waterfall in SL I immediately go inside to look around. We found a blanket with some cuddle pose balls behind the waterfall for couples who want to be alone. It was really pretty behind there. 

Arri Gaffner joined us a short time later when Radar sent him a TP. We were all huddled on the blanket in this picture, discussing where to go next. Those things are way too cool- I’ve got to get one, someday.


~ by Nika Dreamscape on January 22, 2008.

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