A couple of days ago marked my entry into Second Life.. my rez day was December 18th, and I’ve learned a LOT in the past month that I’ve been in world. Apparently though, I still have a long ways to go. Up until tonight, I’ve been blown away by so many of the graphics in Second Life. I’ve heard people talk about adjusting the draw distance so you could see further.. but I assumed mine was already turned to the highest setting. I always thought I could see as far as the game would allow. I didn’t realize anything was wrong until I was exploring a garden sim on a cliff face earlier tonight. The sign by the balcony said to sit and enjoy the view. I stared out at the blank gray sky and thought, “What view?” It wasn’t until then that I decided to go into settings to see what my draw distance actually was.. 64. I couldn’t believe it! For just over a month, I’ve been playing on the lowest possible setting. I cranked it up to 512, and was shocked! I feel like I’m seeing Second Life for the first time. Even the colors are brighter and more crisp than they were before. I always had trouble finding my way around podcaster island because I couldn’t see more than a half block ahead of me.. but when I went there earlier, I was for the first time able to see across the entire sim. Its so much smaller than I thought it was, all this time. But it also looks a lot neater, and is so much easier to find my way around now. I went to a few places and took some before and after shots.. the first picture is how I’ve been seeing the world on 64, followed by the ‘after’ shot on 512. 

Podcaster Island – this is why I couldn’t find anything!

I always thought Botanical Gardens were pretty -before-. 

Even the water is a deeper blue. 

I always thought there was nothing at all outside the back windows of my skyhouse. 

So much for privacy!


~ by Nika Dreamscape on January 21, 2008.

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