Time for a super quick post during my break at work.. 

Last night I decided to bypass most of the live music events in leiu of some serious shopping. I noticed it had been a few days since I’ve found a new outfit.. I do check the Fab Free website daily, but I’m so picky with what I wear, that I haven’t seen anything in awhile that I really like. I decided to spend some actual money this time, so I was bopping around SL trying to find something I like when I got a group notice from Second Style Stylecast about a $100L sale over at Last Call. I grabbed the Surl and tried to go over there.. I have never seen so many green dots on a mini map ANYWHERE on SL. Not even in the newbie areas.. To make matters worse, I was able to see all really great clothing inside.. but I absolutely could not get to it! This was something beyond a lag. I’ve dealt with lag in SL.. its annoying, but never before was it physically impossible to move. I am not exaggerating when I say I spent over 10 minutes just trying to get away into the front door of the shop. All I could do was walk in place.. now and then I might manage to move a few feet forward, but then I’d be bounced back to my started point again. I even tried flying, thinking there were people unrezzed in the way. (I normally don’t barrel through people, but at least move away from the door so others can get inside!) I don’t think that was the case, though.. even up above the crowd,I could do nothing but fly in place. I considered trying to just camera around the store from where I was and to shop that way, but I really wanted to look upstairs and around the other aisles. Eventually I left with the decision to try back in the morning when it wasn’t during prime time hours. 

This morning when I logged on before work, I had another group notice from a cool shopping area called The Shops.. it said they had several gift boxes hidden around the mall contain free goodies- even entire living room sets. My house is still completely empty, so I dashed over there first and ran around finding all the boxes. I ended up with about 10 boxes of home furnishings, and a couple freebie outfits I didn’t even look at yet. 🙂 

Next, I tried Last Call again. Success! It was still packed, and still a bit laggy. But I was at least able to move around. I walked away with a gorgeous red gown that I haven’t even tried on yet.. I ran out of time and had to go to work. But this weekend, I can’t wait to start unpacking all those boxes to see what sort of stuff I managed to pick up. 🙂


~ by Nika Dreamscape on January 21, 2008.

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