Today was mostly uneventful.. I didn’t get a lot of anything done. I had intended to park myself over at the Pharm and camp for some money during the day while I worked on some art for my shop. But I got sucked into the blogosphere, and whittled the entire day away by reading some of the SL blogs. I’m trying to figure out how to subscribe to some of them via an RSS feed.. I know how to do it on Itunes, but not so much for blog readers.. I think I have a couple on Google now. But honestly, I find it easier to just bookmark the ones I like and go back to them that way. 

Speaking of blogs, I’m in the process of moving this one from Livejournal to WordPress. It seems like a lot of people use either wordpress or blogspot, and LJ doesn’t have some of the features I’d like to use for my blog. I was talking to GoSpeed Racer last night at the open mic on Los Arboles.. she noticed my Blogger tag and said hello. I was asking her a bit about wordpress, and it sounded like something I could use. I’ve been moving my posts over there throughout the day.. once its all complete and I have it set up how I like, I’ll post the new link and leave a message up on this blog directing people to the new one. In the meantime though, I’ll continue using this one until I have time to work out the other. 

I knew PR Lovenkraft was going to be doing a show at an open mic later on this evening, but while I was hopping around trying to find something good to listen to in the meantime, I got a group notice from Rhythm Nation informing everyone of an open mic at Maximillion Kleene’s hangout, The Zone. (At least, I think its his place.) Phemie Alcott was on the list of performers, so I decided to go over and have a listen. She’s still coughing up a storm, poor thing. But she sounds absolutely amazing, regardless. She’s probably one of my favorite performers on Second Life. The venue kicked ass, as well. It was an outdoor setup.. a series of rocky steps circling a huge bonfire.. it was a very chill, laid back atmosphere that I really liked. The last guy who went onstage was too cool. His name was Skinny Shepherd, and he would tell stories and talk about his life in between songs. I love that sort of thing, when the performers chat up the audience a lot. He has a website at

I got a group reminder from PR (I really don’t like calling him that, I’d rather call him Phil since thats how he’s known by his other work. But I don’t know how he feels about that, so I try to remember and address him by his Second Life name) that he was going on in a few minutes. So, I said goodbye over at The Zone and TP’d myself over to the Merry Prankster where PR would be performing. 

He put on a great show. I was really glad to get a chance to hear him since I didn’t get to the other time he had played back when I first started on Second Life. (Like that was forever ago, haha. It was just a few weeks, but sometimes it feels like so much longer.) In any event, he said this was his first performance of 2008. He did a great job. Watch for his shows on the music event list, or you can join his group by doing a search for Lovenkraft Music. He also mentioned a Myspace page:



~ by Nika Dreamscape on January 21, 2008.

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