Just when I was starting to get settled into my new home… already, its moving time.

As it turns out though, this is a great thing! Even if it didn’t start out that way. A few mornings ago I was doing a bit of practice building and furniture rearranging in my house. I heard one of my neighbors, Tiamet, shouting something in I think French.. I couldn’t tell exactly what she was yelling, but I was able to make out the word ‘griefers’ somewhere in there. I wandered outside to see what was happening and noticed a small cluster of people over by one of the houses, but they were going inside. I sent her an IM and asked if she was alright, and she said no. I guess a griefer, or group of griefers came and was shouting some really horrible abuse at Tiamat and her friends. Later on I got a group IM from WaL Krugman saying that he was going to look into some sort of security for us so that wouldn’t happen again. I heard later tonight that the griefers were also bothering Danvers and someone else named Tito. 

Another group alert came from WaL tonight mentioning a Sky Village that he and Cunundrum were setting up for us, and that we should come check it out. I wasn’t doing anything, so I went to go see how it looked. 

I love it! This place is too cool. Its way up in the sky so we won’t have all the foot traffic from people visiting the shop. When I first got there, the village was nothing more than a series of walkways in the sky leading to a cluster of round, wooden buildings with a lot of windows. There was a fountain in the center, and spinning planets orbiting around. They were still working on it though, and Cunundrum took out the planets and then she and WaL added grass, trees, a dance pad, and a swing. It looks amazing! Its really pretty, and I feel like its going to have a better community feel because of the way its set up almost like a little town square, with the fountain in the center. It’ll be easier to see people coming and going that are actually supposed to be there. The way things were set up before, our houses were spread way out so I never really ran into anyone. 

Since WaL and Cunundrum were working on the houses as I was there, I asked if I could pick one out. WaL said I could, so I spent several minutes running from one end of the walkways to the other and trying to figure out which one I liked the most. There were two I was torn between. One of them was on the very far end of the sky village, with a neighboring house on one side and just the open sky on the other. It was on the opposite end as the teleport pad, so I knew this would have the most privacy and the least amount of people around. The other one was dead center, right across from the fountain. This would have less privacy, but I’d be in a better spot for being social and more at the center of the action. It was a touch choice, but I ended up picking the house in the center. It has a prettier view, also. Most of the trees and landscaping were being put in closer to the fountain, whereas the house on the end basically just has grass for now. Another feature I love about these houses are that the windows have privacy shades. When you click them, it slides a panel over the window that looks like you are looking into a forest. The only bad part about this is that anyone can click any window to open the shade.. Cunundrum thinks there is a way to set it so that only the owner can do that, but right now we don’t know how to set it up that way. We’re having trouble with my front door, as well.. I can lock it, but for some reason it pops open again after about 5 minutes.. WaL is going to try to fix it during the night tonight. The only other downside to this house is that with a window on every possible wall, there is no space to hang my art. I suppose I could hang some over a couple of windows, but I don’t know if I want to do that or not. I guess we’ll see. In the meantime, its back to square one with the decorating. I tossed some furniture in to ‘claim’ the house so someone won’t come along and think its available and move their own stuff in. Especially since I can’t get my door to stay shut right now. So the pictures I took may look a bit cluttered, but I compare it to leaving a playbill on your seat to save it at the theatre, lol. 

OH! And I forgot to mention, this house has two floors. 🙂 Each level is only one room, but its a giant circular room and having a second floor is way cool.

On to the pictures!

My house.

Downstairs, and two front windows. 

View of fountain and courtyard from upstairs window.


~ by Nika Dreamscape on January 16, 2008.

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