Second Life just crashed, but when I got back in I was teleported to my home. The region was dark when I got there, and I went inside for a moment and saw how pretty everything looked in the dark so I had to take a picture. The fireplace, my moonlight painting and the glow cubes put out quite a bit of light. It gave my house the same sort of peaceful, blue-ish glow you get when you keep the tv on with all the lights turned off. 

You can see the rugs I made and put down, today.. although its dark. I’ll take a picture in the daylight when I get more art up on the walls. The glowing red cubes I made after seeing something similar at a nightclub, so I duplicated it myself. And I broke down and bought the black and white coffee table for $9. 

I’ll have another picture up when the house is really done.


~ by Nika Dreamscape on January 16, 2008.

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