Once again, I’ve fallen behind in my blog. I’ll have to take the next few days to catch up with everything thats been going on- not necessarily in order. 

Tonight was a lot of fun, though. The first Monday of every month there is a podcaster meetup on Podcast Island, and tonight Phil Rossi was speaking. He’s a musician on Second Life, and also wrote the podcast novel, “Crescent”. He spoke to us about his writing for awhile and then opened up a question and answer session. I was the only one without a mic set up tonight, but it was still really neat to listen to everyone. And I really liked the whole conference room setting. I’m looking forward to going to more of these meetups each month.

I have to admit, I was a little bit intimidated at the end when he opened the floor for questions. A few times they kept asking me if I had any, so of course I drew a complete blank everytime. There were a few people in the room I had not met yet, including Phil, so I was feeling a bit shy about asking anything. I managed to come up with a few towards the end, though. I had not heard about Crescent before, so I’m looking forward to subscribing to that on Itunes so I can start listening this week. You can find out more about Phil Rossi and his podcast novel on his website. http://www.crescentstation.net/

After Phil was done speaking, he stepped away from the computer for a few minutes. Apparently, he hasn’t gotten the memo about going afk around Chugabug, so she was up to her usual antics. 🙂

We all got quite a laugh, unfortunately Phil somehow didn’t seem to notice his location when he got back to the computer. He just said goodnight and left after that. Too bad- these pictures still make me laugh everytime I look at them. 

I was pleasantly surprised when Will Pitre of the Traveling Avatar podcast showed up at the meetup. I had not seen him in Second Life yet, so I wasn’t expecting for him to be there. It was really cool to actually meet him, because I have been listening to his podcast about Second Life for probably more than a year and a half. Back when I tried to get on SL on my last computer, I found his podcast on Itunes and started listening because I knew that eventually I would be able to get a computer that would run it. I hoped to learn a little bit about it, even if I wasn’t able to play it, yet. I eventually unsubscribed a few months ago because it was hard to understand what he was describing without actually being able to see it. As soon as I got my new computer and got onto SL, I signed up to the podcast again. Sadly, I heard he just podfaded the Traveling Avatar. But he did say he’s got something else in the works that should start up soon, called 118 Migration. I’ll be keeping an eye out for that. I met a few other people at the meetup that seemed pretty nice, as well.  I’m looking forward to seeing who will be speaking next month. 

In other news.. I very recently got a complete makeover.. I’m now sporting new hair.. as well as a brand new shape and skin, thanks to someone very sweet. 

I’ll do the rest of my updating tomorrow. 🙂


~ by Nika Dreamscape on January 16, 2008.

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