I usually don’t like to post twice in one day, but I just had the most interesting thing happen to me.. 

I was doing my usual morning clothes shopping/browsing, and I ended up on a Sim called W&M designs. As I was heading for the clothes shop, I passed a billboard that said something about free homes, and to click for more information. I did so, and got the following notecard. 

Hello There!

Thank you for visiting W&M Designs and we hope you will find what you need.
We are giving some free places to live around the store. You will get  a place near the side walk (blue house) + 125 prims to decorate your house for free.
If you dont like the texture of the house or you would like to change it, then Just IM  me and I will be more than happy to help you.
If you dont like the house which we have, then you can drop your own house (25 prims max) and (20m x 20m x 20m as max size) at no cost.
you will need to join a group so IM me if you would like to live here so I can add you.
If you are gone missing for more than 10 days without a notice, then the house will be given to someone else.
We know that scripted furnitures are nice, but we would like you to keep the active scripts to minimal so we keep the lag as low as possible.
I hope you will enjoy your stay here and Thanks again.

W&M Designs

WaL Krugman

I was pretty surprised to hear that, so I sent WaL an IM asking for more information. He met with me, and we talked extensively about the offer. 

I have to wonder if he normally gets SO many questions, or if most people just say ‘Sure, great!’ and jump on the offer. I was pretty wary about the whole thing though, and I still am. I’ve been wanting to eventually get a house on Second Life, but thats something I thought might happen way down the road.. Months, if not longer. And I definitely have not heard anything about ‘free’ homes on SL. I felt like there surely had to be some kind of catch.. but after asking him many questions, it seems like its pretty much what the notecard said.. I didn’t have to pay anything, or commit to any sort of agreement. All I had to do was join the group W&M Designs.. as long as I’m a member, I can keep the house, completely free. If I ever decide I don’t want the house anymore, I just leave the group and all my items are returned to me. I asked him about security or what keeps people from just walking into my house.. in other words, what makes it mine? I know absolutely nothing about home ownership on Second Life, so I wasn’t sure what kept someone from telling everyone that walked by that they own any particular house. Basically, he sold me a front door for $0 and it has a list of script commands that let me lock and unlock it, and add people to the list of who can access the house. I’m still a little bit nervous about it, but I figure its a great starter home that cost me nothing. And I don’t need to pile a lot (or any) of expensive furniture or items inside. I think I may just drop in a few cheap or free items and give it awhile and make sure they don’t end up stolen. But as far as I can tell, there’s no way into the house as long as I leave the door locked. It isn’t that terrific looking. Its kind of box-y and it has no roof, and only had one window. But he says I can send him any texture and he can change the texture of the house, and he added another window for me. I’ve seen a lot of NEAT houses out there, and I’d rather have something eventually that looks nice. But I figured since its free, this is a good way for me to learn how to furnish and arrange my own home and see what thats all about. Here are some ‘before’ pictures. I’m going to have the texture changed as soon as possible, and then see what I can do to start decorating it and fixing it up a bit. 

Again, I really don’t like the odd looking blue and gold design.. but I’m going to have him change that to something else. I do like the stone floor.. And the view outside my front door is kind of pretty. Also, the house originally came with a plain front door that was basically just a slab of light wood grain. But while we were messing with the controls, he rezed that pretty decorative front door so I got him to switch them. 

Did I get a decent deal, or am I somehow getting scammed? It doesn’t seem like a scam.. I didn’t have to give any money and I can walk away any time I want.. I guess we’ll see.


~ by Nika Dreamscape on January 16, 2008.

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