I’ve  gotten more behind on my blog that I’ve wanted to, and I see I’m beginning to stockpile photos and stories, so I better get caught up on some writing. 

After I met Radar and he told me about his podcast, I added that to my list of subscriptions and started listening while I’ve been at work. In the very first episode I listened to, he had his friend Crap Mariner on as a guest. I liked Crap right away for his quirky sense of humor, and also his genuine enthusiasm for building really creative things in the game. Granted, he makes it sound so easy. No, its NOT just a matter of pulling a cube out of your ass. Not for some of us, anyway. 😉 I’ve been making several attempts at trying to build something.. anything! I did manage to stretch the cube into something resembling what could be a canvas.. maybe. I have an idea brewing in the back of my mind, so we’ll see. Enough on that, though. Back to Crap. 

So after listening to a couple of episodes with Crap on SL Under The Radar, I decided to go over to Edloe, the island where a lot of Radars guests/friends/victims live. Radar had mentioned to me that some podcasters hang out over there also, so I was curious to see who I might run into. When I teleported there, I ended up underneath the tower that Crap built. There was some sort of sign on the wall nearby, and I was just turning around to try and read what it said, when who should teleport in but Crap himself. I said hello right away, and explained who I was and what I was doing hanging around underneath his tower. As it turns out, he was just as nice as Radar and Chuga had been. We stood there talking for a few minutes, when two more people popped in. It was Yxes and Caleb. (( http://podmafia.com/ and http://blacktiemartiniclub.com/ )). Crap introduced us and we all chatted until Crap decided that we should all pay Daphne a visit. Daphne is in another podcast I just started listening to thats extremely helpful to anyone who loves to shop in Second Life. I’ve gotten a lot of fashion tips and advice from the Going Broke With Daphne and Tamara podcast. (( http://daphneandtamara.com/ )) I really enjoyed meeting all of them, its especially fun to bump into people in world after hearing them as guests on Radar’s podcast. 

A day or two later, I was wandering around when I got an IM from Crap. He said there was going to be a taping of the Paisley Beebe show, and that I should come check it out. I wasn’t aware that there were taped talk shows in Second Life, so I accepted his teleport and went to the studio to watch. It was pretty weird to be sitting in a virtual studio audience. But weird in a cool way. 

Thats Crap sitting next to me and looking stunning in his green gown. 😉 It really filled up after I took this picture, I think just about every seat was taken. I think the best part about the whole thing was the funny comments the audience kept making during the show. 

I tried to take a picture of them on the stage, but its not as close as it could have been. I hadn’t learned how to camera in yet, oh well. 

Anyway, it was a really cool experience and a lot of fun. Check out Crap’s blog at http://secondlife.isfullofcrap.com/ . He also has a podcast called 100 Words Podcast.


~ by Nika Dreamscape on January 15, 2008.

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