After my abrupt eviction of the house I accidentally walked into (They sell male ‘attachments’ in Second Life, but you can’t buy a deadbolt??), I decided it was better to leave the area entirely and find somewhere else to go. Podcaster Island is made up of two parts, and further to the north is where more of the podcasters lived. Not only did I want to meet Gary, but I was hoping I’d come across other podcasters that I might happen to listen to. I continued along the beach, watching the green dots on the mini map that indicated there was a couple other people somewhere ahead of me. Rounding a corner, I spotted two people standing behind a house and talking to one another. I moved a bit closer, but was a little bit apprehensive after my last unsuccesful meeting. Luck was with me though, because it turns out I could not have come across two nicer people than Radar Masukami and Chugabug Goodnight. I said hello and explained that I was brand new on Second Life, that I was a podcast listener and was hoping to meet some of the podcasters that hung around on Podcast Island. One of them- if memory serves, it was Radar- mentioned that he could tell I was a newbie. (Probably because of my crayon hair and the one sweater cuff on my arm.) I was actually pretty embarrased about the sweater cuff, but didn’t want to bring more attention to it by trying to figure out how to take it off. So I pretended not to notice it was there, and hoped they didn’t either. 

Radar and Chugs were extremely friendly and accomodating, though. As soon as they found out I was new and a little bit lost, Chugs suggested they take me for a tour on their flying carpet. The next thing I knew, there was one hovering next to us. We sat down, and they showed me around the island and pointed out a few interesting places. They were both pretty forgiving of my newbie-ness, even though I kept crashing into Radar like we were in a drunken game of bumper cars. And after we found some sort of ATV, I just about ran over Chugs. Believe it or not, they still speak to me! Radar didn’t even orbit me, despite the fact that I’ve heard thats one of his favorite past times. After he had to leave, Chugs continued to show me around for a little while. We ended the tour behind their house, where they have a cool little merry go round in the backyard. She showed me how to use it, but the spinning actually made me so dizzy I had to stop after a minute. They have a great place, though. 

If you happen to be new to Second Life and run across Radar or Chugs, be sure to say hello. If Radar does happen to orbit you, well.. he can’t help himself. But listen to his podcast anyway, its funny and informative. You can find it on iTunes by searching SL Under the Radar. Or you can check out his blog at


~ by Nika Dreamscape on January 15, 2008.

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