As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been doing a lot of camping and saving up some money so I can start to get some decent clothes pretty soon. I’ve been spending a lot less time in the freebie areas, and a lot more time browsing the ‘premium’ clothing shops and malls. I see a lot of really cool stuff out there, but one blouse in particular had caught my eye. I saw it on an advertisement somewhere for a clothing brand called Wrong. A lot of their stuff is really neat looking.. but I kept coming back to this one sweater that I had fallen in love with. It was $100, which to me is a lot of money right now. I decided to take some time and think about it- I’m not going to be able to drop that much money very often on an outfit, so I wanted to be absolutely sure I really wanted it. I ended up waiting a few days.. looking around at other shops to see if I saw anything I liked better for around that price. I really didn’t, and I kept going back almost every day to look at this sweater. The other night while I was camping over at Freebie Zone, I was talking to my friend Salaamata that I had met while I was there. We got to talking about the sweater and he said he wanted to take a look at it. I was more than happy to get a second opinion, so I TP’d him over to the store and we talked about it. 

He agreed that it looked pretty cool, so I made up my mind that I’d get it the next morning. I wanted to give myself ONE more night in case I had buyers remorse at the last minute. 😉 I’m sure this is funny to a lot of people, and in a few months I’ll probably drop three times that on a blouse without batting an eye, but this would by far be my first ‘big purchase’ on Second Life. 

The next day was the morning of New Years Eve, and the first thing I did when I came online was to go straight to the Wrong store and made a beeline for the sweater. But when I tried to click on it to buy, I got a strange message that said something about my needing to have a store card. I kind of understood that this meant the gift cards most stores have, but I was a little bit apprehensive so I waited to get some advice from Daphne Abernathy before I went any further. I didn’t want to screw up and end up losing my money, so I left her an IM and waited until I got back from dinner to see what she had to say. She assured me that while its not very common, some stores do business that way and to go ahead and buy the card. I already had a feeling that the gift cards would come in larger denominations than just $100, but by this time I was commited to paying whatever I needed to, as long as I had it. I -really- wanted that sweater. Sure enough, the smallest gift card was $250. I went ahead and got it anyway, and decided I’d just get the skirt that goes with the sweater. That took care of the balance of my card, and I haven’t regretted it for one moment. 

My next stop was to Freebie Zone so I could show Sal the outfit, and from there we did some club hopping as we tried to find the best New Years Eve party on the grid. We spent a little bit of time at some club, I can’t even remember the name.. I think I checked out a half dozen places. But we stuck around at this one for a little while and danced- he changed into his cockatrice avatar that looks hilarious when it dances. 

By the end of the night, we ended up finding the best party over on Edloe, where the fabulous Diva of was throwing a bash. All the usual… Edloians..? Were there, so Sal was able to meet everyone and we ended up having a great time. Hijinks and hilarity ensued. 

And the perfect touch to the whole evening was a random act of kindness.. Sal and I were discussing my purchase, and someone dancing nearby overheard us. He IM’d me and commented that he noticed I was a fellow blogger. He said that camping is no fun, and that I should be out there exploring more so I would have stories to write in my blog, and he paid me the $250 I spent on my outfit. I’ll keep him anonymous in case he’d rather that be kept quiet, but that was so very, very nice! If he’s reading this, again- thank you so much! You really made my night. 🙂

Happy New Years, all!


~ by Nika Dreamscape on January 15, 2008.

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