One thing I’ve really been enjoying about hanging around in Second Life is the amount of really cool people I’ve met completely by chance. It seems like I tend to make new friends when my original intention was to just find a quiet place to park my avatar while I go afk or do some work in another window. I was over on Podcast Island the other night while I was afk, and when I checked back again I noticed someone else was in the region. According to the mini map, it looked like they were coming my way, so I stuck around to see who it was. It turned out to be Keeme of the Keemecast podcast. I had actually heard of him before, his name pops up on other podcasts now and then. We got to talking and he turned out to be a lot of fun. He’s a really funny guy. He asked if I wanted him to show me some cool places, and conjured up his magic carpet. The first place we went was a sim called Midnight City, that seemed to be based after NYC. That place is too cool! I loved the cityscape, and the design and architecture looked really nice. 

It turns out they have a lot of great shopping also- I went back the next night to explore it further and ended up spending a lot of time there. 
The next place we went was Limbo. Following a path up a mountain, we entered a large castle type structure where they have lots of dragon avi’s. The people there were really cool, and it was neat seeing all the dragons. We hung around there for quite awhile before moving on to a huge conference center where he said some companies have meetings or training sessions. He was a lot of fun, and I ended up subscribing to his podcast the next day. Sadly, I haven’t seen him online again since that night. Maybe after the holidays are over I’ll bump into him again. 

That encounter was pretty random. But when I want to make a point of chatting and meeting people, I love to camp at the Freebie Zone. There’s an area right near where you rez in that has a few couches and chairs surrounding a green camping globe. Thats usually where I sit. Since its a high traffic area, its a great place to people watch and make new friends. I usually see some pretty funny stuff if I stick around there long enough. And since I haven’t figured out how to build yet, camping is my only source of any sort of ‘income’. Since I spend a lot of time afk or just chatting, I’ve managed to make a pretty decent amount so far. And even better yet, several good friends. 

The payout at that particular camping globe isn’t that great.. only $2/15 minutes. But at least there are places to sit down, so you can’t get pushed out of range. If you wander too far, the globe uncamps you. So if I’m planning to be away from the computer, I have to find a place to sit. There are plenty of other globes around the freebie mall area that pay better.. one even pays $4/15 minutes which is the highest paying camping spot I’ve seen in Second Life so far. Unfortunately, the range seems to be within a few feet of the globe. And since its so popular, there is a lot of pushing and shoving. If you don’t really watch the screen, you can get bumped out of range pretty quickly. 

Still, its a lot of fun. Some people think camping is silly or a waste of time. I suppose if you have the skills and knowledge to design and build your own clothing or furniture, or if you have a hand in real estate, then it probably would seem silly. But to the basic newbie, its the only chance to earn money to get that really cute pair of jeans or better hair until you can figure out the more complex aspects of the game.


~ by Nika Dreamscape on January 15, 2008.

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